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Plotscast Live - Napraten met de artiesten

De nieuwste aflevering van Plotscast staat weer online! Live opgenomen in De Nijverheid met Amara van der Elst, Shishani en Mama N'Diack. Een indrukwekkende improvisatie die spiritueel aanvoelt. Na de opnames spreek ik Amara, Shishani en M'ama N'Diack. In het engels praten zij na over de avond.

"It felt like we've practiced for a year." - Shishani


Fotografie door Merel Hurkmans

How did it go tonight? How do you feel?

Shishani: I thing we’re still landing from whatever galaxy we went to. It was really special because some jamsessions you just improvise together, it can be fun and you’re just trying things. You feel when there is an energy and when there’s not. Sometimes you feel when you’re not there. But today it really felt like, without any cue, everybody came in at the right time and left at the right time. Whatever subject or feeling I was singing about, she (Amara van der Elst) would take over with Spoken Word or a drum solo or singing by Mama N’Diack. It felt like we had practiced for a year. But we didn’t.

Thats my experience.

Mama N’Diack: To add I just want to say that I’m really thankful, really. To meet my two sisters and the way we played, it was really pure. I could just feel I was in wisdom with them and felt them in each moment. We really hold the space together in the same way, we landed it every time. Everything just falls well. This was a good buzz and I really enjoyed it. It gives me a lot of ideas to move forward.

Shishani: A lot of ideas and inspiration.

Amara van der Elst: I felt a connection with you both in that moment. All our energies and also from all the other people in the room who where there. We were all connected. It was a spiritual experience for me as well. Healing, it felt like a relief. I just enjoyed it so much.

What connects you?

Shishani: Sensitivity. So sensitivity for what is happening around you, in the world around us. Observing and feeling things that are right, things that are wrong. Stories that we feel that need to be told. We could be here showing off how cool we are, but instead we were all really sensitive towards each other. Listening, giving space, feeling trust, not afraid to take space at the right time. There was a lot of concentration. There was a lot of focus on each other. It was not just one person trying to be the spotlight. For me that is sensitivity and that is what I miss in daily life. That people look around to see what another person is going through and might need. Being able to listen to each other. That to me was beautiful today. We were really listening to each other.

Mama N’Diack: I do believe there is nothing to add. Music is medicine. You really hold the space together and that’s important. Support each other and open up together. Music is soul.

Amara van der Elst: It’s also very fragile. It’s scary to allow yourself to feel because it can be really intens. It's so pure, you don’t know what to expect. The audience, they’re opening up to us and we’re opening up to them. It’s a risk to take, to show your heart. To allow that sensitivity into the experience. I hope this positive experience of sensitivity encourages people to open up more often.


Aflevering #25 is te beluisteren op jouw favoriete podcastapp. Deze wil je niet missen. Plotscast is een intitiatief van Wordbites, Yeppe van Kesteren en Bieke Jongejan. Plotscast wordt gesteund door het Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds en de Gemeente Utrecht.

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